For 80 years, Wynn’s is a leader in engine treatments. Wynn’s offers a range of additives to prevent and solve problems that affect the operation of the engine. As an alternative to mechanical repairs, many car problems can be resolved or prevented using chemical treatments. We strive in providing products that are Affordable, Efficient and Easy to use. Wynns has a range of products for Consumer, Fleet and Professional uses. We are happy to provide all three.

Formula Gold
Formula Gold products are famous for their triple action. They are tailored for Petrol and Diesel engines in mind providing the best treatment for your car.

High Performance Petrol System Treatment
  1. Increase Engine performance.
  2. Reduce fuel consumption.
  3. Cleans the injection system.
  4. Immediately improves combustion, which enhances engine performance, improves acceleration and reduces engine noise.
  5. Reduces petrol consumption.
  6. Reduces CO and HC emissions.
  7. Cleans and protects the injection system.
  8. Eliminates jerking and pinging.
  9. Does not harm catalytic converters.

High Performance Diesel System Treatment
  1. Increase Engine performance
  2. Reduce fuel consumption
  3. Cleans the injection system
  4. Immediately improves combustion, which enhances engine performance and improves acceleration.
  5. Reduces fuel consumption.
  6. Reduces black smoke.
  7. Complete burn-off of soot particles during driving.
  8. Cleans and protects diesel injection systems.
  9. Protects against oxidation and corrosion.
  10. Prevents deposit formation.
  11. Harmless for all after treatment systems.
High Performance Engine Treatment is a chemical treatment completely soluble in oil that has a double action:
  1. Increases compression
  2. Reduces wear
  3. Helps extend engine life by reducing oxidation, friction and wear.
  4. Improves compression and the viscosity index of the oil and prevents premature thickening of new oil.
  5. Reduces the build-up of sludge and deposits and helps keep the oil system clean.Reduces oil consumption and emissions.
  6. Contains no solid particles.
  7. Is compatible with all grades of engine oil and suitable for regular and low SAPS applications.
  8. Does not harm catalytic converters.
Air System
Air System products are important especially in Cyprus to ensure your vehicle`s aircondition system is kept clean. Wynn’s Airco-Pure is a bactericidal and fungicidal fluid for cleaning air conditioning systems, including the evaporator, and the interior of vehicles. It is packed in a spray can.
  1. Eliminates unpleasant odours in the interior of vehicles.
  2. Eliminates pollen and nicotine residues.
  3. Eliminates microbes, mould and bacteria.
  4. Can prevent allergic reactions: sneezing, colds, coughing, sore throats, irritation of the eyes, ...
Petrol Treatments
Cleaners providing a total clean-up from the fuel tank to the exhaust pipe. Catalytic converters to optimise performance and the Pre-Emission treatments ensure your car is in top shape.

Diesel Treatments
Wynn`s range of Turbo Cleaners for blocked turbochargers and the excellent EGR Cleaner provide immediate thorough cleaning of the air intake system, air flow sensor, inlet valves, turbo and EGR systems. Available for all diesel engines.

Workshop Treatments
Wynn`s powerful cleaning sprays provide excellent results. The Brake and Clutch Cleaner for cleaning and degreasing of mechanical parts. Wynn`s Air Intake & Carburettor Cleaner to eliminate dirt and deposits in the air intake manifold, on the throttle valve and on the visible carburettor parts.

Oil System
Wynn`s Engine Flush is a crucial step in every oil change as it is a highly detergent concentrate, designed to clean all oil lubricating systems prior. Special blend of chemicals formulated to stop engine oil leaks and drips that can result from the drying out and shrinking of engine neoprene, rubber seals and O-rings.

Cooling System
Radiator Flush concentrates for powerful cleaning without the use of acids. Perfect for ensuring no rust, deposits and scale is produced in your car.