Repsol lubricants are recognized internationally as being reliable and innovative quality products, supported by constant research and development to consistently meet the upcoming challenges of all sectors within the industry.
Formulated with the most cutting-edge technology for the most demanding engines. Endorsed by top manufacturers, these lubricants bring you unbeatable performance when it comes to protection and efficiency.

Passenger cars
for vehicles that require manufacturer approval (OEM). 
Carrera for high-performing and high-power vehicles. 
Mixfleet for use in professional goods and passenger transportation fleets, earth-moving and agricultural machinery.

Transmission fluids of the highest quality to keep all components of your motorcycle`s gearbox in the best possible condition. 
Brake fluids of different types that have a single purpose: your safety. 
Antifreeze and coolants that help prevent corrosion of all the metals in engine cooling circuits. 
Degreasing and cleaning agents that will provide an even safer driving experience.

Heavy Duty Motor oil
Synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral lubricants with quality levels and standards adapted to every vehicle.
Multi G product range is formulated for vehicles that require basic quality and multigrade viscosity. In short, it is the perfect product for those looking for versatility and performance.
THPD product range provides high-quality oils for vehicles that must meet formal manufacturer standards.
Leisure Boats
2T is a lubricating oil designed specifically for two stroke outboard engines using highly refined mineral oil bases and ash-free additives. With its NMMA TC-W3 certification it can be used in all boats or jet skis whose manufacturer recommends this quality level, and it makes it possible to thoroughly enjoy the experience of riding a powerful jet ski, while ensuring maximum mechanical protection.
4T lubricants are multigrade and are designed for modern, water-cooled inboard and outboard four-stroke diesel engines of nautical vessels. The use of these lubricants allows recreational boats to work in the most extreme conditions.