As a leading European battery brand, Banner manufactures and markets starter batteries and industrial batteries for drive systems and electricity supply, all of which possess premium quality. 

Banner produces batteries in OEM quality. It provides original standard power packs for many areas of the retrofitting market such as cars, boats, forklifts, lifting platforms, emergency electricity supply systems, etc. Banner`s battery range is thorough suitable for Start-Stop technology, consumer cars, tracktors, taxis, heavy-weight vehicles; you name it.

Save fuel and C02 and thereby reduce environmental impact with Banner`s sustainable batteries. 100% environmentally compattible used battery recycling.

Original Equipment
Original quality for retrofitting. Banner batteries meet exactly the stipulations of leading German automotive manufacturers. These power packs are designed for modern vehicles with heavy energy requirements.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
Absorbent Glass Mats, or AGM absorbs the battery acid and binds it in. Above all, AGM technology is employed in the start/stop systems with energy recuperation used in mid-range and premium class cars, as well as in motorcycle batteries.

3X Longlife Durability
Three times the service life of standard starter batteries

3X Cycle Life
Three times the cycle resistance of conventional starter batteries.