Valeo, an automotive supplier and strategic partner to all automakers worldwide, is the leading supplier of cutting-edge automotive technologies. Valeo was founded in 1923 in Saint Ouen (France). Valeo`s commitment is to care for you and your customers’ vehicles long after they have left the production floor.

Valeo brings thousands of car parts to the aftermarket, covering millions of passenger cars and their repair needs. Valeo offers complete spare part ranges for passenger cars in areas such as:

  • Wiping systems, including the world-leading Valeo Silencio™ range
  • Driving & parking assistance, including the Valeo beep & park™ range. Switches and detection systems, including switches and parking assistance sensors
  • Air conditioning, including compressors, condensers and cabin air filters
  • Lighting systems, including a huge range of headlamps and tail lights
  • Engine cooling & air management, including radiators and EGR valves
  • Electrical accessories, including window regulator mechanisms
  • Engine filtration, including fuel filters, oil filters and air filters
  • Engine management systems, including fuel pumps and injectors